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The Big Picture

Purpose Meets Opportunity


Harnessing Opportunity


Social media is a fantastic place to learn about what your friends and/or customers want and who they are. Coincidentally however; users do not approach these
platforms with the explicit intention of seeking investment advice or products, but rather to connect with friends and loved ones, or to reach communities who share their own special interests. Often they are
powerless to control the information they consume, or how the platform or network is developed. 


As such, we felt a mechanism to capture and feed insights back to a community of users was a must.  The Phantom Project was developed to create an uncensored, encrypted and decentralized social media platform application for the cryptocurrency space.  Social media can be the canary down the coal mine, but when done well, social media can be used to enable tangible outcomes.  Imagine a singular source for sharing ideas, project updates, and creating communities of like-minded investors. All backed with the security and anonymity of the blockchain.  

More specifically, the Phantom Project aims to remove the complexity of investing in DeFi and digital assets by allowing token holders to passively benefit from our treasury growth led by experienced Phantom Investors in the field. The decentralized protocol charges a tax on token swaps that occur on the decentralized exchange. This tax is used to generate reflections to holders and fund the Phantom treasury. Treasury funds are used to invest strategically across various protocols through yield farming and other forms of investment. The Phantoms will invest in passive income sources such as nodes and partnered staking tokens. The profits will be distributed to application users and fund Phantom initiatives like exchange listings and buyback events. 

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