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The Team

Start Unknown, Finish Unforgettable

Abstract Futuristic Background


Matthew Perron is the CEO and Co-Founder of Phantom Project LLC. Before devoting all his time, effort, and passion into achieving his dream that is Phantom Project, He worked as a Union Representative.

A position that taught him many important values that he brings to Phantom Project. Values such as, listening to others, caring for the community, sticking up for people that need help, but most importantly; learned to always do what’s right, and not to compromise or cut corners.

These very same values will be instilled into Phantom Project every step of the way for the future and lead in DeFi.

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Phantom Coder
Blockchain Developer

The Phantom Coder has experience in the fintech industry outside of crypto, which drove his desire to further learn Solidity and write smart contracts. He has written smart contracts for almost a dozen projects and counting and continues to research and learn the new abilities of the blockchain.


Dark Web Dorsey
Core Advisor

DWD has been a cryptocurrency diehard since the early days of Bitcoin and the ICO craze. A proponent of the privacy and anonymity that the blockchain provides, his guidance on the structure and use case of our social media application is integral.


Dark Web Zuckerberg
Core Advisor

DWZ is a long-time crypto enthusiast who has worked closely with multiple projects in the past on executing strategic deliverables to fulfill developers' vision and goals. Additionally, he has helped lead marketing and public relations campaigns inside and outside of DeFi.


Social Media/Community

Jay has been in the crypto space since 2015, with a background in computer engineering and computer science. A very dedicated team member of Phantom Project that's always around to help the community. 

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