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The Revolution Will Not Be Censored

The Phantom Project is the first ever community focused investment platform and mobile interface built entirely on encrypted peer-to-peer social technologies.

Architecting Tomorrow’s Continuum, Today

The Phantom Project has operated for a millenia, creating financial markets and shifting world powers through the power of communication.   Phantoms perform work in the light and in the shadows, directing your governments, your media, your businesses, your networks.  Now, they enter a new age of decentralized blockchain technology, ready to steer the future as they have steered the past. 

The Big Picture

The Phantom Project  is a platform that utilizes social networking features to create conversations, encourage sharing, and create true utility for the Phantom Token.  One major drawback in legacy social networks is the lack of influence their users possess over the networks themselves. They are often powerless in having a say on how the platform
evolves. We aim to democratize this power, giving stakeholders a direct influence over all
decisions within the network.


Engage Directly

Utilizing the social-as-a-platform user experience, the Phantom Project respects users' rights by being open source and free and puts users in complete control of their investment decisions while adhering to our guiding principles of permissionless access and decentralization.  Users will be able to monetize their voice by collecting rewards for application usage. These operatives will be able to collect Phantom Tokens and gain access to limited NFTs providing additional application features.

Giving A Voice To Disrupters

The Project is a unique ecosystem through which ecosystem participants can invest and own cryptocurrency, and purchase NFTs using Phantom Token which is the main utility token of the ecosystem.  Operatives may pledge their allegiance to the cause through staking and collecting automatic reflections for maintained support.


Socially Focused Investing

Common Interest Alignment

With the Phantom Project, we create a Users-as-Stakeholders network, allowing the behavior of the network and its related applications, to become aligned with the interests of its users.  Accordingly, the Phantom Token will enable users to not only influence, but also steer the direction and development of how the network evolves over time.

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Create Wallet

Create a MetaMask account. Download the Coinbase app and start the sign up process.

Connect Payment Method

Transfer To Wallet

Understand and plan for Ethereum network fees.  Fees vary based on a number of variables.

Connect To Uniswap

Use ETH to swap for Phantom Token by first importing contract.  Deposit in Metamask wallet.

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